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Although I do not claim to be a fashion blogger, I do enjoy fashion a lot. It’s another outlet for me to be creative, and of course a girl just likes to look cute sometimes. 😛 For a long time, my interests in traveling and fashion did not mix. Although I was decently stylish in everyday life, when I would go on the road, I lived in leggings, plain t-shirts, and my pair of New Balance sneakers (Oh god, the shoe choice of a middle aged dog dad. But it was a gift from my mom and they were comfy as hell). Fast forward a couple years later, Instagram started to blow up with accounts featuring travel bloggers, many of them females. Not only did these ladies (and sometimes men too) inspire envy with their exotic backdrops, but with their gorgeous outfits. I thought to myself, “Oh man! I need to step up my travel style game!”


Me in Okinawa, Japan. Pretending to gaze into the distance in my flowy dress…

With that thought though, I am still the queen of affordable fashion. Many years of hunting through H&M and Forever XI has ingrained in me the idea of finding cute items for less. However, I do know now (after I’ve grown up) that some key pieces are worth investing in, because they will be your stable and accompany you through hopefully many stylish years. Comfort is also still high on my priority list when deciding whether a piece has travel clothes potential. Even if I look fabulous AF but the dress wraps me so tight that I can’t enjoy the delicious street food in Thailand then it’s a NOPE.

On this page, you can shop for pieces inspired by my travel looks on Instagram. I hope they will help you with outfit ideas whether you are visiting winter Christmas markets in Europe, watching colorful Autumn leaves in Japan, or frolicking in the sunshine in Australia. I aim as much as possible to look for pieces that are cute, good for travel, yet reasonably priced.

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