8 Travel Instagram Accounts To Feed Your Wanderlust


Are you low key obsessed with Instagram like me? Instagram is a great place for gathering inspirations, especially when it comes to travel. I love finding travel photos on Instagram that make me go “Wow! Adding that to the bucket list!” Here are 8 amazing travel Instagram accounts to feed your wanderlust.



Jessica’s Instagram is full of pictures of her in drop dead gorgeous fashion while she frolics in dream like destinations. Talk about life envy!


Girl eat World

If you love travel AND FOOD, you should definitely follow this account. Mel, a girl from Singapore, takes pictures of delicious looking local food in the beautiful destinations she visits.


Murad Osmann

You must have seen one of this photographer’s photos somewhere. His widely famous “Follow Me To…” series features his wife, Nataly Osmann, holding his hand while traveling all over the world. The photos are so stunning they look unreal.


Anna Everywhere

Anna’s photography style is bright, colourful, and fun. She often gets in the shot, which makes us feel like we are travelling along with her.


Expert Vagabond

Matt is a very adventurous traveler. His photos are so exciting! Follow him as he takes you around the world from desserts to jungles. P.S. He often travels with Anna Everywhere,his girlfriend.


Jet Set Christina

If you are someone who loves water, you will love jetsetchristina’s account. Her account features beautiful beaches and luxurious pools from all over the world. Who isn’t craving for a soak in clear blue water under the sun?


Do you travel

A 26 years old from England, Jack quit his 9 to 5 jobs in 2012 to travel the world. He is now located in Bali. His photos features his travels with his girlfriend. Looking at his feed is like escaping to paradise.


The Discoverer

The Discoverer is not a single influencer but rather a community of explorers, who share their discoveries in different destinations around the world. Their Instagram account curates the most dreamy captures!



The Blessing Bucket

A shameless self plug here but follow The Blessing Bucket Instagram for discovering beautiful off the beaten path destinations. I love travel photography and capturing different perspectives to nature, people and culture. The account is still young so please help us grow! 🙂

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    • Thank you Christina! Love your Instagram! The blue skies and water in your photos always puts a smile on my face!



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