14 Spooktastic Halloween Décors You Can DIY


Halloween is just around corner! Whether you are looking to impress trick-or-treaters or guests at your house party, deck out your home with these awesome Halloween decors!


Witch and cats scene


The front porch always makes the first impression. Make this spooky scene with some wooden cut outs painted black, and add some backlighting to create the silhouette effect.


Walking Dead Barbies


Take your old dolls and turn them into zombies! A simple spray paint job will make the Barbies you once loved look creepy AF. Stick them in the yard and they will surely freak out your visitors.


Thriller Graveyard


Turn your front yard into a graveyard with some cardboard tombstones. You can even have a smoke machine to create a real eerie effect.


Mummy comes alive!


Complement the tomb stones with some mummies and create a nightmare-like scene! You can make these scary mummies with some wood, foam, cloth and spray paint.


Floating ghosts


Shape some chicken wires into ghostly figures and spray paint with glow in the dark paint. They can look so realistic. Total goosebumps!


Hands in a pond


If you have a pond or fountain, put some fake hands into the murky water. Such a simple idea but the effect is truly disconcerting.


Sugar skull door knob


For those who dared to make it to the front door, they will be impressed with this hauntingly beautiful sugar skull door knob.  It’s easy to DIY with some dollarstore supplies.


Haunting Spirits


Moving on to indoor decors! Set the scary tone with these spirits greeting the guests at the entryway. You will definitely hear a scream or two!

Creepy Spiders


How about creeping out your guests with arachnophobia? Make these super simple magnetic spiders. Stick them on the door to the bathroom if you are feeling really evil and cruel mwuhaha!

Enchanted Halloween Lanterns


For some kids friendly decorations, display these beautiful lanterns made with mason jars!


Floating Halloween Candles


For the Harry Potter fans, how about these awesome floating candles that will make your living room look like Hogwarts?


Pumpkin Diaramas


What’s Halloween without some pumpkins? Get creative and ditch the boring jack-o-lantern designs. Delight your guests with these cool pumpkin diaramas. The devil is in the details!


Eyeball flowers


These eyeball flowers are unsettling to say the least. All you need are some fake flowers (purple, black, orange or red works well) and fake eyeballs from the craftstore. Glue the eyeball inside the flower and voila!


Halloween Cloche


DIY your own hauntingly beautiful Halloween cloches with this tutorial here. They make wonderful displays.


Your guests are going to be majorly impressed/ creeped out by your amazing Halloween decors this year! Have a spooktastic party! For costume ideas, Check out 10 Easy Yet Awesome Group Halloween Costumes.





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