10 Easy Yet Awesome Group Halloween Costumes


Halloween is fast approaching! Are you looking for some last minute costumes for you and your squad this year? Here are 10 easy yet awesome group Halloween costumes you can pull off.


The 3 blind mice


An all black ensemble, sunglasses, and some DIY mouse ears, and you are done!


The Scoobydoo squad


You can easily find pieces from your closet to put together this look. Recruite your dog as a lovely addition. What a badass team!


Mean Girls


On Halloween, we wear pink! Mean girls are forever. Everyone will recognize this classic. Don’t forget to remind them they can’t sit with you.


Alvin and the Chipmunks


Transform some colorful t-shirts with a little DIY and you and your besties are set to go with this adorable look. Tie your hair up in to two little buns to look like chipmunk ears.




Who doesn’t love minions?! Everyone will be smiling to see you guys. Check the tutorial on how to make the minion logo and googly goggles.


Snap Crackle Pop


Oh nostalgia! Who still remembers this cereal? Bring back the childhood breakfast memories with Snap, Crackle, and Pop!




Is a tutorial even needed? Step 1. Shape some colorful pipecleaners. Step 2. Wear them on your head. And voila! You are teletubbies!


Deck of Cards


The things you can do with some simple white tees! Get crafty with your friends together and rock this pack of cards look.


Grease cast


This group look is too cool for school! Another look you can recreate with pieces from your closet. Bring out those jazz hands and you are ready to dance the night away at the Halloween party!


Powerpuff girls


Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Show them that you are hardcore even though you are cute with a simple Powerpuff girls look.


Now go be #squadgoals this Halloween! Also check out 14 Spooktastic Halloween Decors You can DIY for ideas on how to deck out your Halloween soiree this year.





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