6 Number One Japanese Beauty Products

by Viola
japanese beauty products

Japan is famous for having one of the best cosmetic industries in the world. I am super big on skin care, so while living in the land of the rising sun for two years, I have researched extensively and tried many products that are popular amongst Japanese girls. I’ve definitely become obsessed with several products that I can no longer live without. Today, I will share my favourite Japanese beauty goods. Whether you are curious to explore a new cosmetic scene or looking for a serious upgrade to your skin care/beauty game, you have come to the right place! Here are 6 number one Japanese beauty products that you will love.


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Cure Natural Aqua Gel

The Cure Natural Aqua Gel was voted the number one exfoliant in Japan. It was calculated that one bottle is sold every 12 seconds in the country! Can you believe that?! The gentle formula is good for even the most sensitive skin as it’s free of fragrance, colorant, animal ingredients, oil and preservatives. I always get a strange satisfaction to see all the dirty things come off my face as I rub the gel into my skin. Dead skin cells be gone!

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Kosé Sekkisei Emulsion

This face moisturizer has had almost a religious following in Japan for many years. Its formula is lightweight and highly emollient. It also contains Vitamin C to reduce melamin production and prevents inflammation, freckles and sunspots. I love how gentle it is on my face. Use it everyday and your skin will definitely feel softer and brighter!

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Quality First All In One Sheet Mask


Holding the title as the number one sheet mask in Japan, it contains many moisturizing, skin-plumping and skin-firming ingredients. It acts as a great multi-tasker: a toner, essence, serum and emulsion, literally all in one! You can get the bulk version which comes in a pack of 50 masks, meaning you get plenty for the price. I like to pop on a mask every night for 20 minutes after washing my face. My skin always emerge feeling nourished and happy.

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DHC deep cleaning oil

This olive oil based cleaning oil gets off ALL the makeup, even waterproof formulas, without stripping the skin dry. Many other brands have tried to imitate DHC’s formula to no avail. Cleaning is really a serious ritual in Japan. It makes sense right, clean skin is happy skin!

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Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Mascara

This mascara can easily be found in Japanese drug stores and even convenient stores. It’s hugely popular. You can choose between two formulas: more volume or more length! It is smudge proof and gives curls that lasts all day!

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Dolly Wink Liquid Eye liner

To accompany those big doe lashes, the Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner is a perfect match. It’s another bestseller in the eye makeup department. Like the Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Mascara, it’s long-lasting and smudge-free. Also available in local Japanese drug stores!

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All of these products have been voted number one in their beauty category. They are cult classics that are loved by many women in Japan. 


What Japanese beauty products are your favourites? Share them with me in the comments below.





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