Save Dragons in a Real Castle at Toronto’s Newest Casa Loma Escape Room, a Fantasy Dream Come True

by Viola
casa loma escape room dragons song

The hourglass clock has little sand left, you have just a couple minutes before you must figure out this spell needed to save the dragons. A sweat bead is dripping down your forehead, you concentrate hard as you rearrange the last piece of the puzzle. Suddenly, the answer became as clear as day, you have solved the final clue…

Have you ever fantasized about being the mother of dragons? Like Daenerys in Game of Thrones? Well, dream no further if you are in Toronto, because the latest Casa Loma escape room will have you feeling like a bad*ss superhero.

I recently got the chance to get a first taste of Casa Loma’s exciting new game, and it blew my mind. Whether you are a local looking for a cool activity in The6ix to do on the weekend or a tourist visiting Toronto, I highly recommend this unique experience. In this blog post, I give you the lowdown about the mission. Here we go!

Psst, my experience at Casa Loma was sponsored by Secret City Adventures. All opinions expressed are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, which means, at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting!


What and where is Casa Loma?

First of all, for newcomers in Toronto, you need to know about Casa Loma. This Gothic Revival style castle in midtown is an iconic landmark that us Torontonians are very proud of. It used to belong to a millionaire financier, but today, it is a historic house museum. Many movies took scenes in this gorgeous mansion including X-men, Chicago, The Tuxedo, and The Pacifier.

Visiting Casa Loma is a must on any Toronto travel itinerary. For more attractions to see in Raptor City, check out my local’s Toronto guide here.



Casa Loma Escape Room Series

Casa Loma first introduced their escape room series in 2015, when escape room games were becoming a hot trend. The ideas were conceptualized by Secret City Adventures, a Toronto based company that creates immersive entertaining games. What sets Secret City Adventures’ escapes rooms apart from other ones out there are really their imagination and the diverse elements included in each game. Reality and fantasy begin to blend together when you join one of the experiences.

To date, the Casa Loma Escape Series has five games with different themes. Yes, this is a colossal castle with lots of nooks and crannies for adventures. Here is a quick intro for each of them:


Escape from the Tower

This is the OG (Origin Gangster if you will) of the Casa Loma Escape Room Series. The story is that it is 1941, and you have been recruited to an undercover center for sonar research. Your job is to find the coordinates of the enemy’s U-boats and communicate their location to the allies.

Great for: History bluffs, Dan Brown book lovers, Wanna-be scientists

Run times: Mondays – Thursdays, Sundays 5:30 / 7:30PM / 9:30PM; Fridays – Saturdays 5:30 / 7:30 / 9:30 / 11:30


King of the Boot Leggers

Become the new King/Queen of the bootlegging empire in 1920s. The wife of the notorious gangster Rocco Perri has invited you to a secret mission of taking down Rocco. Your role is to assemble a tough gang and claim the moonshine throne before the cops get here within the hour.

Great for: 20s swing & jazz era enthusiasts, Great Gatsby fantasizers

Run times: Mondays – Fridays 5:45PM / 7:45PM / 9:45PM; Saturdays – Sundays 1:45PM / 3:45PM




Station M

The setting is post-world war II in Toronto. Station M is the codename for a secret manufacturing facility that produced gadgets and covert material for the British Security Coordination. You and your closest friends have stumbled upon the secrets of Station M. Complete the mission and make an escape plan.

Great for: James Bond fans, History nerds

Run Times: Wednesdays – Sundays 6:00PM / 8:00PM / 10:00PM


Murdoch Mysteries

The hit television show Murdoch Mysteries is brought to life. In this story, Detective Murdoch is missing and you have been hired to save him. Use your police officer skills to piece together the clue and crack the case.

Great for: Sherlock Holmes admirers, Laws & Order watchers

Run times: Daily 5:00PM / 7:15PM / 9:30PM


NEW* Casa Loma Escape Room – The Dragon’s Song

Photo credit: Secret City Adventures

The Dragon’s Song is the latest addition to the Casa Loma Escape Room family. While all the previous games have some ties to Toronto’s history, this is the first purely fantasy-themed game.

The scene is set in the fantastic kingdom of Avalon. The dragons are in danger of extinction. Your important quest is to save the last dragon egg hidden in the abandoned tower. With the help of a knight and an alchemist, you must discover the spell contained in the dragon’s song and free the dragons from the evil sorcerer Markoff.

Great for: Game of Thrones addicts, Fairytale believers

Run times: Monday – Sunday 5:00PM / 7:00PM / 9:00PM / 11:00PM; Saturday + Sunday (OFF SEASON): 1:00PM / 3:00PM


Casa Loma Escape Room – The Dragon’s Song Review

I got to be one of the first people to play The Dragon’s Song and it was just magical. The design of the whole game was full of imagination, creative details, and personal touches. I got that same feeling running around on the set as when I’m in Disneyland. My inner 8-year-old girl had so much fun I would love to do it again. Without giving away any clues of the game, here is a peek into The Dragon’s Song.

The game started with a briefing of the story and mission. Our team of 11 people met the brave knight who will help us break into the castle. After we chanted “hurrah hurrah” and got all pumped up, the knight led us into the dragon’s lair. I mean right away we came face to face with a huge roaring dragon! That was a surprise and at this point, I realized that this is a serious production.

Photo credit: Secret City Adventures

Then we met a quirky alchemist in the tower, who was also an ally. The alchemist and knight together guided us in our tasks of solving the puzzles and clues that will eventually lead to the final spell, Dragon’s Song.

The actors were great at keeping us on the right track. They would subtly give little hints when it was apparent that we wanted some help, and they were absolutely hilarious with their jokes.

The game itself featured rich multimedia elements. To solve the puzzles, we had physical realia to play with, audio clues,  interactive iPad technology and more. I was very impressed.

It took about an hour for our army to complete the quest. Oh, that sweet feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when we finally saved the dragon’s egg!

This was definitely a great team bonding exercise. Even though I had never met any of the other players prior to this game, we quickly got to become friends through the collective head-scratching, singing silly chants, and laughing non stop in general.

I would recommend this activity to pretty much anyone. Couples, families, bachelorette parties, corporate teams, if you have a special occasion to celebrate, check out The Dragon’s Song at Casa Loma. For travelers especially, this activity deserves to be on your activities bucket list for Canada.


Casa Loma Escape Room Tips

Book in advance: The tickets are hot and sell out quick, so make sure to plan and book ahead of time. General tickets are $40 plus tax. For families, note that there are 2 easy mode games for groups with children age 8+ that run during the afternoon. If you are interested in having a private game for just your group, you can also contact [email protected] to set it up.

Wear comfortable clothing: The game is quite active and involves climbing stairs. Make sure you have comfortable footwear on to stay safe and limber on your mission.

Follow the rules: At the beginning of the game, you will be given some rules to abide by such as no touching the actors, no running, no standing on furniture, and no leaving marks. Follow the instructions. Don’t be a jerk.

No photography: A special mention that no photography is allowed inside the tower. As a blogger, I was given permission for the purpose of creating content. However, the general public is forbidden to take photos or videos as the company does not want any secrets of the game to leak out accidentally.


Any questions about the Casa Loma escape game? Feel free to drop me a line in the comments below!


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