Everest Base Camp Packing List – The Exact Essentials You Need

by Viola
Everest Base Camp Packing List

WOOT! You’ve booked your ticket to Nepal and you are ready to conquer Mount Everest Base Camp! Congratulations. During the journey, there are many giant rocks to climb and shaky suspension bridges to cross. So what kind of things should you pack and prepare for? In this Everest Base Camp Packing List, you can find all the exact essentials you need for a successful trip.

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Everest Base Camp Packing List- Clothing

Girl facing mountain

Upper body

Short sleeve shirt: If you are going in the off season like May to September, it can actually be blazing hot from Lukla to Namche. Bring at least one short sleeve t-shirt for warmer days.

Thermal long sleeve (x2): Thermal will be the essential base layer during the majority of your trek days. Uniqlo’s Heattech is my go-to thermals. No only do they conserve your body heat, they are moisture wicking to keep you dry and sweat free.

Regular Long sleeve shirt (x2): Layering is key. I recommend wearing at least 3 layers: a thermal base layer, a regular long sleeve, and an outerwear.

Fleece jacket: Stay insulated with a fleece sweater/jacket. // Recommended: Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket (Women), Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket (Men)

Down jacket: It’s gon’ get freezing cold up there. Trust me. Make sure you have a warm and waterproof jacket that will prepare you for either rain or snow. // Recommended: Women lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Hooded Down Jacket,  Columbia Men’s Frost Fighter Insulated Jacket

Sports Bra (x2): Of course this only applies for the ladies. Forgo your uncomfortable regular bras and opt for sports bras instead. Or heck, don’t even need to wear bras really when you are all bundled up in layers. No one can tell. The key is to be as mobile as possible aimarite? // Recommended: Fittin Women Wire Free Sports Bra

Lower body

Underwear (x3-12): It’s really difficult to do laundry up in the mountains. So my secret is actually panty liners. See hygiene section below.

Thermal leggings (x2): Again I recommend Uniqlo’s Heattech. It’s a life saver.

Hiking trousers: One pair of comfortable waterproof hiking pants should be able to get you through the hike. // Recommended: Women’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible PantsMen Teflon Scratch-Resistant Pants 

Trekking Socks (x4-5): Make sure to have backup in case your socks get wet (never happened on our trip but always good to be prepared). You can also double up the socks if it get too cold.

Trekking boots: The footwear is perhaps the most important piece of clothing of all as you will be walking all day. Things to looking for when choosing your boots: comfortable, lightweight, waterproof and ankle support. Also ensure you break them in prior to the hike! Hiking with blisters would not be fun.// Recommended: Salomon’s Backpacking Boots (Men), Salomen’s Backpacking Boots (Women)

Slippers (optional): For those who like to take off their shoes once indoors, you might not want to do that inside the teahouses accommodations. The floors are really quiet dirty, so bring a pair of soft disposable slippers. Your feet will thank you for the break from the hiking boots.




Beanie: Keep your head and ears warm and protected. This fleece line slouchy beanie for women is super toasty.

Neck gaiter/Scarf: Don’t neglect your neck area. I had a great big scarf that could double as a blanket/shaw. Gaiter is also a good choice. It’s a versatile piece of clothing that could be worn as a neck cover, face mask, headband, and more. // Recommended: Nexttour Neck Gaiter (Unisex)

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"When the mind keeps thinking you've had enough. But the heart keeps telling you don't give up…You've got it in you, find it within." ::: The highest mountain in the world was definitely not a walk in the park to get to. Altitude sickness really affected me during our 6 days of upward trekking to basecamp. Trying to climb rocks in rainy weather, while suffering headaches, was very challenging. But the goal of reaching my destination pushed me on everyday. It's amazing the potential and power we hold when we just tell ourselves we can. I was overcame with immense emotions the moment we finally reached base camp, I couldn't believe I did it thinking back to days where every step took all my energy and will power. ::: Lesson of the day: place one foot in front of the other kid and you'll be surprised how far you can get. Don't quit on your dream! • • • • • #lessonsoflife #discovernepal #mounteverestofficial #pushyourlimit #femaletravelbloggers #girlslovetravel #clouds_of_our_world #explorenepal #getoutside #optoutside #exploremore #sheisnotlost #nepal #wearetravelgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #getoutstayout #darlingescapes #femmetravel #girlslovetravel #sidewalkerdaily #thetravelwomen #globelletravels #travelstoke #letsgosomewhere #keepitwild #dametraveler #theoutbound #getoutdoors #thegreatoutdoors #girlsborntotravel

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Using a huge scarf as a blanket enroute to EBC


Gloves: Choose gloves that are well insulated and waterproof. A bonus is touch pad friendly fingers so you can do intricate tasks like taking photos and using your phone.//Recommended: VBIGER Winter Warm Touch Screen Gloves Thick Texting Cold Weather Gloves (Unisex)

Sun glasses: The sun and UV rays can get quite strong on the Mount Everest Base Camp trek so be sure to shade your eyes with some sunnies.


Everest Base Camp Packing List – Gears

man trekker and dog beside water fall

Backpack: A sturdy and roomy backpack is the most quintessential item on your Everest Base Camp Packing List. Especially if you don’t plan on using a porter and carrying your own stuff the whole way (a big mistake IMO). Seriously, hire a porter. You’ll be glad you did.// Recommended: Osprey Packs Volt 60 Backpack, Teton Sports Explorer Backpack

Day pack: A small day pack is great for carrying stuff you know you will use often during the day. Imagine rummaging your big backpack just for a chapstick. Even worst if your porter is carrying your big bag and you have to ask them to take out something all the time. Save the trouble! //Recommended: Osprey Packs Daylite Backpack

Sleeping bag: During winter (the peak season for trekking Everest), the basic blanket at the teahouses are definitely not enough. The temperature gets below freezing, and you need a warm sleeping bag to make it through. No joke, it feels like you are staying in a fridge freezer. Keep reading for more ways to stay warm.// Recommended: Winter Outfitter Portable Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Trekking poles: I highly HIGHLY recommend trekking poles. They make a huge difference. Poles can help pull you up while going up and help steady you while going down. It’s like having an extra pair of legs.// Recommended: Cascade Mountain Tech Aluminum Trekking Poles

Head lamps (optional): While there is not usually night hiking during the Everest base camp trek, head lamps could come in handy when you need to go to the dark teahouse toilets in the middle of the night. Don’t bother looking for the light switch because you won’t find it.

Rain cover: Sometimes the porters have tarps they can put over your bag to protect your belonging from getting wet. Better bring your own just in case. // Recommended: Joy Walker Backpack Rain Cover

Everest Base Camp Packing List – Health and hygienes

tea house accomodation Mount Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal double bed room

Hand sanitizers: sanitation is not um…amazing on the mountains. You will come across a lot of cringe-worthy “toilets”. Sometimes there are nowhere to wash your hands after you’ve done your business. So sanitize your hands often!

Tissue paper: Along the Mount Everest base camp trekking route, toilets 95% of the time do not come with toilet paper. They may have a bucket or a hose that you use to spray clean your bum with icy cold water. Anyways, I’ll save you from the image. Just bring your own tissue paper.

Baby wipes: Wave bye bye to showers…it’s not a thing. Wet wipes/baby wipes will be your shower during trek days.

Panty liners: Ladies, no need to bring 12 pairs of underwears that you’d have nowhere to wash. Panty liners are your friends. These disposable babies will keep you feeling nice and fresh.

Water bottle: Staying hydrated is super important during the trek. It’s one of the best things you can do to alleviate feelings of altitude sickness. Water on the mountain needs to be filtered before drinking however. I highly recommend bottles by LifeStraw. This award winning brand produces reusable PA-free water bottles that filters out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites without chemicals, iodine or batteries, making water more than safe to drink. // Recommended:LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw

Water filter tablets: An alternative to a filter water bottle is water filter tablets. You can pick these up for cheap in a Kathmandu supermarket prior to the trek. Pop one into an one litre bottle and wait half an hour before drinking. Not as convenient as the LifeStraw bottles and leaves a funny aftertaste in my opinion, but still a good option to know!

Electrolyte Powder: We were surprised that we never saw any Gatorades being sold anywhere during the trek. Pack some electrolyte powders and add them to your water for quick boosts of energy throughout the day.

Diarrhea pills: Stomach problems is very typical on the mountains. Avoid eating meat as much as you can (again sanitation issues) and wash your hands often. If diarrhea still finds you, make sure you got some Gastrostop.



Diamox: Ooh the joys of altitude sickness. How I miss you.NOT. Diamox is the most popular medicine for treating feelings of Acute Mountain Sickness. The best way to avoid AMS however, is by acclimatizing slowly and drinking a sh*t load of water (4L a day ideally).

Moisturizer: It can get very dry as you ascend the altitudes. Bring a small tube of moisturizer to prevent ashy skin. // Recommended: CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Travel Size 

Chapstick: Your lips may also suffer from the dryness, so chapsticks are important.

Throat lozenges: Again, dryness is the enemy!

Disinfectant alcohol: For those bumps and scrapes you may get along the way, clean them with some disinfectant alcohol to avoid infections.

Band aids: Bumps and scrapes care part II

Small towel: A wonderful hack for trekking during hot weather (while you are still near the base), is to soak a small towel in cold water and place it around your neck. It will keep your body temperature cool and protect your neck from sunburn.

Sunscreen: The UV rays at high altitude are very strong. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and reapply often. //Recommended: Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Non Oily

Face wash: Remove the dust and grime of trek days with your preferred face wash.

Tooth brush set: Self explanatory 🙂 Got to brush everyday!

Everest Base Camp Packing List – Technology

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal waterfall

Cell phone – iPhone X: Consider leaving behind your big chunky cameras for this trip. They can be very heavy while you would really want to minimize your luggage weight. I left my DSLR at home and went with my just my cell phone instead. (All the photos in this posts are taken on my iPhone X. Not bad for quality right?) // Recommended: Apple Iphone X Fully Unlocked

Cell phone Dry Bag Case: A waterproof case for your phone is crucial for those rainy days, especially if you are using your phone to take photos a lot. This phone cover also allows you to hang your phone around your neck. So convenient. // RecommendedJOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch 

Portable batteries (x3): Charging your phone and tech gets increasingly difficult and pricey the higher you go. Yes, the tea house accommodations sometimes will ask for a fee for charging your devices. So the best hack is to bring your own portable batteries and make sure they are loaded while you are still in Kathmandu. Check out this post for a great wifi and tech guide to EBC trek. // RecommendedAnker PowerCore 10000 Ultra-Compact, High-Speed Charging Power Bank

Cameras – GoPro Hero 7: For those who REALLY want to document the journey with a “professional” tool, GoPro is an obvious choice. The Hero 7 is the newest camera in the line and promises the most intense high-def quality ever. Of course, its lightweight also makes it an irresistible companion. // Recommended: GoPro Hero 7 Black

Converter: The power plug and wall sockets in Nepal may be of a different shape from the country you come from. Check this guide here to see if you need an adapter.  // RecommendedHAOZI All-in-one International Power Adapter 

Everest Base Camp Packing List – Other Things

Kindle/book: Wifi/data signal is pretty wonky/non-existent past Namche Bazaar (also the last spot with hot shower). So bring things to entertain yourself like reading materials. //RecommendedKindle Paperwhite E-reader 

Snacks: You can find Mars bars, Snickers, and Pringles in many stores along the trek route. But stocking up on some snacks yourself is a great way save money. Make your own trail mix like this one here.

Playing Cards: Playing cards are also great for passing time and making new friends with fellow trekkers.

Travel Insurance: It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially for an intense experience like EBC trek, I recommend purchasing travel insurance for your own peace of mind. World Nomad has always been my insurance company of choice because of their comprehensive health coverage with 24/7 medical emergency assistance. As well, the process to making claims is super easy and smooth!

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Everest Base Camp Packing List- PDF Printable

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Everest Base Camp Packing List - The EssentialsEverest Base Camp Packing List - The Essentials

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NATASHA October 13, 2018 - 3:14 am

Some very interesting points made here. I have been curious to approach the Himalayas and plan to visit Nepal in the future. Some of the things you mention here have definitely given me a better idea of what to expect. No hot showers, same underwear for days…sleeping in a freezer. I’m now not so sure I can tackle this adventure. Either way, I want to visit Kathmandu. Great good article!

Arunima October 13, 2018 - 4:29 am

Very helpful list! You have covered all aspects I can thing of. Diamox has been a saviour for me in South America. I would also recommend that when it comes to chapstick, one can try to get one with SPF.

Helene October 13, 2018 - 4:12 pm

This is so helpful! I love packing tips because it can be so hard to figure out what’s really needed. Thanks for this!!

Brianna October 13, 2018 - 4:24 pm

I really wish I would have done some trekking when I was in Nepal. I guess it’s a good reason to go back! This is a great list of things- a lot that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own!

Christina October 13, 2018 - 11:13 pm

Looks like an essential and helpful list to help prepare for an amazing trip.

Anjali W October 14, 2018 - 6:33 am

This is such a perfect checklist for things to carry during camping. Thanks for putting all together. Will be saving this for my future camping trip.

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A fantastic packing list you have added here. Thanks for all the great tips which I have found on here. Thanks for sharing this attractive pictures and this post.

Suzy October 20, 2018 - 5:06 am

Oh this is such a great list! Although I won’t be able to climb to Base Camp any time soon (our daughter is too young so we’ll wait until she can join us), I am going to go one day! Its good to know about the tissue paper and also the panty liner idea. Thats great advice for any long hike

Everest Base Camp Trek February 19, 2020 - 8:22 am

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