15 Inspiring Female Travel Blogs That You’d Want to Read

by Viola
15 Inspiring Female Travel Blogs That You'd Want To Read

One of the reasons why I started travel blogging was because I LOVE reading other people’s travel blogs. Whether it’s to gather information for an upcoming trip or simply for fun, I could spend hours reading articles on Bloglovin.

“8 Tips For Camping In Sahara Desert”? Yes please! “How to Spend 24 Hours in Hong Kong”? I love it!


*If you don’t know what Bloglovin is, it’s a site that lets you read, discover, organize and stay updated with your favorite blogs. It’s a great tool! See The Blessing Bucket on Bloglovin here.


Travel blogs have always been a great source of inspiration for me, and a way to escape to another place while I was sitting at my desk job dreaming about a vacation. In particular, I love blogs written by female travellers. As a female myself, I looked up to these amazing ladies who are trotting all over the world. Today, I share some of my favorite travel blogs written by some of the industry’s most bad ass girl bosses. Follow their journeys and get ready to be inspired!



The Blond Abroad

“The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo female travel & lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion, festivals and photography from around the world. “

Why I love it

First of all, her site is pink and I love pink. But more so, Kiersten’s blog has so many awesome tips that are well divided into different categories. I especially love the fashion section for packing and outfit ideas for different countries. Her photography is amazing!



Phenomenal Globe

It’s Lotte’s mission to help inspire people to travel and help them plan their trips. Check out her Travel Resource library for a wealth of information.

Why I love it:

Lotte’s blog is super organized! Like SUPER! I’m a bit of an organization freak myself so it’s great see such detailed itineraries, budgets, and suggestions. It’s a very practical site to help with trip planning.


Young Adventuress

From the US to Spain and now New Zealand, follow Liz Carlson as she travels around the world.

Why I love it:

Liz has been travel blogging ever since she was 16 and has been featured in some big news outlets like Travel + Leisure, Buzzfeed and National Geographic. She has a wealth of advice and funny stories since she’s been in more than 50 countries.


Happy To Wander

“Witty & quirky travel blog showcasing the fun side of culture in Europe and beyond. I specialize in offbeat destinations, awesome culture breaks and inspiration for living a travel-inspired lifestyle. … I also really like donuts and guacamole.”

Why I love it

Christina has an awesome sense of humour and crack me up with her jokes. I always appreciate a funny lady. Plus I’ve learned some awesome travel hacks from her site that I never knew before! Her photos and tips for Europe will totally ignite your wanderlust.


The Sweet Wanderlust

The Sweet Wanderlust is a travel blog focusing on food, dessert, and being brave around the world and in everyday life.

Why I love it

This is a very unique blog by Brittany. Her focus is on food! Especially desserts around the world! Traveling and food is just the best combination for conversation in my opinion.


Bucket List Journey

“Wherever there is a new adventure, I am surely not too far behind.”

Why I love it:

Annette is one daring girl. Eating insects in Thailand, Going down waterfalls, I love her fearlessness. She has conquered some amazing anxiety inducing things on her bucket lists. One of the coolest girls to follow in the female travel blogs sphere!


I Am Aileen

I am Aileen. At 21, I quit my corporate job in the Philippines to travel the world. Today, I am a digital nomad and entrepreneur living a sustainable travel lifestyle.

Why I love it:

Aileen’s blog aims to show people how it’s possible to live the life of a traveller through detailed travel guides, resources and tips. Her story of how she let go of her fears and family expectations to chase her dream and ultimately changed her life is very inspiring.


Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina’s blog has since been featured on many big sites such as BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan and the BBC.She has been traveling since 2008 and has over 100,000 monthly readers!

Why I love it:

Sabrina is all over the place in the best way! Her recent posts are all about Asia and I definitely got some new ideas for my bucket list from her.


Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis’ blog focuses on her adventures travelling solo as a female. Hiking, scuba diving, camping, hitchhiking, she does it all.

Why I love it:

There is a super comprehensive travel resource library on Kristin’s blog with a lot of great tips! I especially like reading her photography advice like how to take photos of yourself when traveling solo!


PS I’m On My Way

Trisha Velarmino is a millennial travel blogger who documents her journeys around the world.

Why I love it:

Trisha focuses on ‘immersion adventures’ and really tries to learn the locals’ way of life rather than just passing through as a short term visitor. I admire her courage to pursue her travel dreams and her style of living with minimal materialistic things.


Hippie In Heels

“Glamorous Travel in India & Everywhere else! Living as an expat in Goa, India and love featuring new artists, designers, and food I encounter on my travels. Have traveled over 25 countries with no chance of stopping.”

Why I love it:

Rachel describes herself as “part hippie, part girly girl”, which is quite similar to my personal travel style. I love frolicking in the outdoors but also love a cute sundress. Her blog focuses a lot on India, which is high on my bucket list of places to visit!


Alex in Wanderland

Alexandra Baackes is a travel writer from New York who has been travelling for over three years now. She is particularly interested in photography and scuba diving.

Why I love it:

More than just lists, Alexandra writes about her travel in the form of stories and I always love a good story! You can tell that she is authentic in her writing style.


The Travel Hack 

The Travel Hack is a blog about stylish adventure travel, affordable luxury, and making the most out of every holiday, and weekend breaks.

Why I love it:

The Travel Hack is a blog by Monica Stott, but it features many awesome traveling ladies. (Yes super femme power!) Together they aim to show that luxurious travel can be affordable and isn’t just for the rich. I definitely love tips on incredible experiences that doesn’t need a huge budget!


Dangerous Business

“I’m just a small-town Ohio girl trying to see the world. I’m here to prove to people that traveling (and especially traveling as a woman) doesn’t have to be scary, lonely, or out of anybody’s reach.”

Why I love it:

Unlike many bloggers who quit their 9 to 5 to become digital nomads, Amanda shows how you can still see the world while holding a normal job. She’s got tons of good tips for traveling alone and as a female.


This Battered Suitcase

“This Battered Suitcase is not only about the where and the how of travel, it’s about the who and the why.” Brenna writes mostly about what it feels like to be a traveller, and the lessons and self-reflection that come with that role.

View this post on Instagram

It had been a bright, sunny day in Monterosso when we hopped on the train to colourful Vernazza, one of my favourite Ligurian villages. Without warning, dark clouds rolled in and heavy rain fell, a quick storm that drenched Cinque Terre's cobblestoned streets and caused all of us, locals and tourists alike, to dash under awnings and into shops. We sat at a seaside restaurant drinking sparkling wine and eating pesto gnocchi until it was clear enough to brave the streets again, the reds and pinks and yellows of the buildings now shining brighter than ever. And still, despite the grey sky and the new chill in the air, my love for Italy remained, as always, forever true. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹📷 by @zholeman ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#loveitaly #beautifulitaly #prettylittleitaly #tlpicks #traveldeeper #instatravel #iamatraveler #instapassport #cinqueterre #igitalia #igitaly #bellaitalia #5terre #passionpassport #liguria #liguriansea #darlingescapes #prettylittletrips #theprettycities #italytrip #italylove #italy_ig #visititalia #visititaly #ig_italia #italyiloveyou #italygram #discoveritaly #cinqueterreitaly #vernazza

A post shared by Brenna Holeman (@thisbatteredsuitcase) on

Why I love it:

Another female travel blogger that I admire! Brenna is really open in her writing. I enjoy reading the things that she has learned from travelling through more than 90 countries. She writes everything from fun stuff like fashion to deep reflective essays.


What are some of your favorite female travel blogs? Would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!




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15 Inspiring Female Travel Blogs That You'd Want to Read

15 Inspiring Female Travel Blogs That You'd Want to Read

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Amy December 18, 2017 - 9:07 pm

Great list! I love This Battered Suitcase because she has really meaningful posts with great writing.

Viola December 19, 2017 - 12:54 am

Hi Amy! Yes I love her style too. Very honest writing <3

Heidi December 19, 2017 - 12:24 am

Great list of bloggers! I will have to check them out! 🙂

Viola December 19, 2017 - 12:54 am

Thanks Heidi. All my favorites so definitely check them out! <3

Sarah December 19, 2017 - 12:29 pm

Really appreciate this list. One of 2018 intentions is to travel more, so this is just the inspiration I need to look to!

Viola December 19, 2017 - 1:45 pm

Thanks Sarah! Glad to hear that! <3

Alicia December 20, 2017 - 8:43 am

oh gosh that’s a lot of reading I need to do. lol

Viola December 20, 2017 - 11:26 pm

Haha yes take your time!

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