What It’s Like to Be In a Long Distance Relationship

by Viola

Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship knows that it’s reallyyyy damn hard. I never thought the cliche story of meeting a foreign stranger and falling in love would happen to me, let alone getting into a long distance relationship that  has lasted five years, but hey I guess life’s a movie!

Today, I’m sharing something quite personal. You may know me as the girl who writes travel content, so this seems like a digression to my usual posts. But I’ve always credited traveling for leading me to my boyfriend and making happen this beautiful relationship that I cherish so much, however difficult it is. Sorry for all the cheesiness.


To make my story short, 5 year ago, I met my boyfriend Alan while studying abroad in Australia. (One month before I was supposed to go back to Canada!) We felt an amazing connection and grew more attached each day. So being two crazy kids, we decided that we are going make it work!  If you’ve ever seen the “Going the Distance” movie with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, yes pretty sure their idea was inspired by our story.

So we have lived the long distance relationship life for the last couple of years. Millions of messages, thousands of phone calls, many many airport reunions, and many more tearful goodbyes…While it’s been super hard, we understand that we both have dreams to chase right now, and always try to support each other. 

Last year, I drew a comic series depicting what our relationship is like, as Valentine’s present for Alan. To my surprise, the series quickly went viral on the internet. Comments poured in from everywhere and people contacted me to say how much they can relate to the ups and downs of LDR shown in the illustrations. The series was translated in to many languages and shared in different countries. Alan and I were really shocked and touched by the responses.

Today, I’m re-sharing this story. Thank you everyone once again for your kind message. Please take time to enjoy this comic series.

(To read the story in other languages, please find the links on the bottom of the page)



What It’s Like to be In a Long Distance Relationship


Constantly missing your loved one


Birthdays and holidays are especially hard


Poor internet connections drive you insane on the regular



But you know it’s worth it, because talking to them makes your day

Sometimes, random things trigger up memories of them that make you smile (or cry…)

Going to see each other is not easy


But when you manage to put together a plan, it’s the most exciting thing in the world!

long distance relationship


Counting down the days becomes your favorite activity and gives you a daily jolt of happiness

long distance relationship

The day you get to go to the airport is the best day ever!

When you finally see that special someone, no words can describe your joy!


Having been apart makes you appreciate every moment you have together


Everything is so comfortable that sometimes it feels like you were never apart

The night before they have to leave again is the toughest…

But it’s ok because you know that distance means so little when someone means so much

Until you see each other again soon!

To read the comic in other languages:

Chinese: ETtaiwan

Japanese: tabi-labo.com

French: demotivateur.fr

German: kurier.at

Italian: republica.it


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what it's like to be in a long distance relathionship through illustrations

what it's like to be in a long distance relationship

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Bert December 30, 2017 - 1:04 pm

Hi, I myself also the same… which my Girlfriend went to Melbourne on mid of July 2017… it a Long distance relationship. More over above story which are very true n what happen on me…

Viola December 31, 2017 - 4:56 am

Hi Bert, glad to hear that you related to the story. Best wishes to you and your girlfriend!

Malik April 4, 2018 - 2:18 pm

This is so true. Especially the internet connection being low… I’ve had too much of that 😂. Seeing my boyfriend walk through those airport gates is literally the best feeling and this illustration made me realise how much of us there are in the world.

Aerofanz April 13, 2018 - 12:34 am

Every word of this is true! Me in the states, my boyfriend in Germany. I can completely relate.

Bil December 18, 2018 - 9:25 am

Im a man who is currently in a LDR. I was working where suddenly a girl in my office walked by and the scent of her perfume reminded me of my gf who is 1000 miles away (only 2 hours flight away but STILL far and shes in another country).
That triggered my memories of her, how Im missing the smell of her skin, the funny way her hair curls and her cute laughs. I went to the washroom and cried.
I last met her 2 weeks ago on a short weekend breakaway. And we’ll be seeing each other again next week, for the new year celebration! Shes coming to my place, a 5D5N trip.
And then, I found this.. and Im crying more!

The best moment is seeing each other at the airport at the arrival gate,
And the saddest moment is touching the last inch of her before leaving… you just feel like ripping apart all passports and rules and say we are all citizens of earth, why cant we just stay here or there and be together?

Viola December 18, 2018 - 8:04 pm

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story Bil! So heartfelt :’)

Clover February 15, 2019 - 4:39 am

Being in a long distance relationship is very hard. Especially if you are missing each other by just doing some things or seeing things that can make you remember your partner. I was in a long distance relationship too, and luckily me and my partner finally closed the distance last December. God bless and Goodluck for those who are still in a long distance relationship. 🙂

Bil February 17, 2019 - 11:38 am

Clover, glad you finally closed the distance. We’re getting married on December this year (2019), wish us the best of luck. She’ll be staying with me, so its gonna be a big sacrifice for her, leaving her family and friends, her job and her country. It’s a big step that she’s gonna take so I will always remind myself to never let her down.

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Anna March 25, 2020 - 5:01 pm

I can relate to this comic a lot! My boyfriend and I are in a LDR, he’s in the states and I’m in Germany. I’m still a student so it’s very tough for me getting the mo0ney for the flight tgether. It’s been over a year since we saw each other, but I’m finally coming over in July!!!! Counting the days gives me so much joy…but due to the corona virus I’m not sure if I can come over anymore. What if my flight gets canceled? Then I have to wait for mid october or longer to come over and see him…that’d be so sad.
Hopefully things will be better in july. Thank you for the wonderful comic!

Viola March 25, 2020 - 5:13 pm

Thank you for your comment Anna! I’m glad you relate to this comic! LDR is definitely hard but you can make it through. Hold on to each other. Best wishes and love – Viola xo


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