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Well hello new friend!

By some power of the universe, you have stumbled upon my blog! Welcome to The Blessing Bucket! I’m Viola, your soon-to-be travel inspo BFF.


A little bit about me:

I am a Chinese Canadian girl who is obsessed with the idea of checking things off my bucket list and living an extraordinary adventurous life. I have been to 23 countries so far and have many more to visit! My favourite country is Japan, where I stayed for two years as an English teacher. 

Why Japan is the Best Country To Work And Live Abraod


It was during the time that I lived in Japan that I started trotting all over Asia to places like Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, China and I thought “hmm I should make a blog!”


The Blessing Bucket in a nutshell:

Many people ask me how did the blog name came to be. I guess I was inspired by the idea that, when the day comes for me to move on to the land of fluffy clouds and unicorns, as I’m lying in my death bed, I hope to look back on my life and think “Wow, that was quite a ride! I am so blessed and thankful for the adventures and lessons.” Then I can kick the bucket (filled with butterflies and magic just like my logo) and go with a smile on my face. Cute? Or morbid? You decide 😛

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Here at The Blessing Bucket, I hope to help you, especially YOU, millennials and female travellers, to finally check things off that bucket list! Because you deserve to live a life you love. Browse my site to find:

This is your one stop ticket to everything travel…Oh man! I even send you printables such a planners and lists! Make sure to join my tribe here if you are all about that freebie life!

I am particularly obsessed with finding unique and colourful places. So if you love a pretty ‘gram, be my friend on Insta here.


Life is short and it’s up to us to live it to the fullest. And I end with a cheesy little quote from myself:


“With every experience, every footstep, every story, a secret blessing is collected in to our little bucket called life.”

– The Blessing Bucket


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If you have any questions, or ever want to chat, always feel free to email me at [email protected]!

Happy exploring!