How to Make Beautiful Personalized Luggage Tags + Free Luggage Tags Printable!

by Viola
luggage tags

Luggage tags are a great way to add a personal touch to your luggage. They help make your bag easily recognizable at the airport. Am I the only person who gets super intense staring at the conveyer belt at baggage pickup? I don’t know about you but I like to grab my stuff the first second it comes out so I can get out of the airport and get on with my adventure! Anyways, I’ve been wanting a cute luggage tag to jazz up my boring old suitcase. But everything I’ve seen are either too expensive or not to my taste. So this past weekend, I decided to design my own luggage tags.

Today I will share how I made these beautiful personalize tags (spoiler: super easy!) They are totally customizable and would make wonderful gifts as well. If you don’t like designing yourself and just want a premade design, head to the end of this post for a FREE PRINTABLE of 2 luggage tags I designed.

Too lazy to make your own? Check out these awesome luggage tags you can buy online. 


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Material needed:

  • Computer
  • A4 paper for printing
  • Scissors
  • Laminator
  • Hole Puncher
  • Ribbon of choice

The easiest material list of life!



This project requires some designing. If that sounds scary, don’t worry. It’s easy and the most fun part!

First of all, I have to introduce my all-time favorite designing program, PicMonkey! It’s the absolute best tool for editing photos, making posters, basically designing everything.

Even for a noob like me with zero design background, I can make beautiful looking graphics with PicMonkey, if I do say so myself. I use it for designing all my Pinterest pins like these ones here. (Click through to visit the posts!)










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The best part about PicMonkey is that it’s online and FREE! You can get the premium program to access more beautiful fonts and functionalities if you choose but there is no cost for some basic designing.

I did sign up for the premium package and absolutely loves it though! Slowly becoming a graphic nerd….


Step 1. Go to PicMonkey and choose “Collage”

Head to You will see the Collage option on the top menu amongst Edit, Touch Up, Design, etc.

You can do many cool things with PicMonkey. They have templates for designing party invitations, banners, bookmarks, anything you can think of! But anyways, we are here for collage…


Step 2. Set up your collage size

I wanted my luggage tag to be 1100 x 1700 pixel so I set the dimensions to be 2200 x 1700 pixel with two columns. This is so that I can make both sides of the tag. Set the dimensions by dragging the edge of the canvas or with the dimension box on the bottom of the screen.

You can also set the margins of the collage with the spacing option under the background tap. I set mine to 40.


Step 3. Upload your favorite photo!

Choose a travel photo you’ve taken or any imagery that is meaningful to you. It was hard for me because I have so many favorites! Which is why I made a couple luggage tags 😛 One for each suitcase yay!

Once you’ve used the “Add images” button to upload a photo from your computer, drag the image into both columns of the collage.

For safety purposes, I don’t recommend using a photo where you can see faces clearly.

You can edit the image itself like its saturation and brightness by clicking on the photo and adjusting it in editor. PicMonkey also has many filters too. It’s fricken amazing!

When you are happy with the layout, click “Send to Editor”.


Step 4. Design the luggage tags!

This is where you let your creativity roam free! Use PicMonkey’s text tool to add a favorite travel quote, a significant date, or anything you want. Here I’ve added the text “Never stop dreaming” with a premium font “Channel”. There are also many free fonts so play around!


Step 5. Design the contact box

Here I’ve added a rectangle with the overlay tool.

There are many overlay options and you can also import your own. But I recommend a rectangle in this case.

Use the text tool again to add in the titles. You can mix fonts to achieve a stylized look.

I’ve also added in some lines with the overlay tool.


Step 6. Add in your contact information and export!

It’s optional whether you want to add on your information at this point. You can also write it out later once the luggage tags are printed.

When you are happy with your design, click “Export” at the top!

Save your bootiful art to your computer!


Step 7. Print out your luggage tags

Layout your design in a word document. I found that fitting two luggage tags on one A4 page produced the best size. The tags will come out to be 6.8 cm X 10.4 cm.

Print on high quality colour printer!


Step 8. Cut out the luggage tag and fold

Use scissors or paper cutter to cut out the full luggage tag. DON’T CUT IT IN HALF!

Fold the tag down the center so you have a front side and back side.


Step 9. Finishing up

Make sure you have your information written in the Contact side before you laminate the luggage tag. Don’t forget!

Go ahead and laminate the luggage tag.

Trim the corners with scissors to produce a round finishing.

Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the upper center of the luggage tag.

Tie a ribbon of your choice through the hole and you are done!


Now you can add these beautiful and personal luggage tags to your suitcases. Let them accompany you on many adventures!

 I love the luggage tags I made because the images and messages I chose are very meaningful to me.

Photo locations: 

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan. & Sunset Swing in Gili Trawangan island, Indonesia.


Click the link below to download two of my designs:









Featuring two of my favourite travel quotes along with photographs taken by me.

Photo locations:

Mount Bandai, Japan. & Jiu Zhai Gou, China


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Would you try to make these easy luggage tags? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Kiara Gallop November 19, 2017 - 11:21 am

These are so cool! I use Picmonkey to display two portrait-oriented photos next to each other in blog posts, but I haven’t really explored it beyond that, as I use Canva for my pins. You’ve definitely talked me into using Picmonkey a little further 🙂

Paula Cutsinger August 1, 2018 - 2:44 pm

Want to customize and print my own luggage tags with free app


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