Quick & Effective Anywhere Workouts for Busy Girls

by Viola
home workout for girls

In an ideal world, we all hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week. But the reality for a lot of us is quite different. It’s hard to find the money and time isn’t it? Especially if you travel a lot. However, you definitely don’t need the gym to have a great workout. I’ve collect 7 total body workout plans for on the go ladies like you and me. These plans combine classic exercise moves that require little equipment so they can easily be done anywhere, AKA the hotel room or the beach. They are quick and effective, so get ready to feel the burn!


Fat burning evening workout



This work out combines cardio training and strength building exercise to burn fat and build muscles. Make sure to keep your form proper to get the best results.


Quick burn Workout


This HIIT Workout only takes 7 minutes. If you have 7 minutes a day to check Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, you have time to do this! Keeping the intensity high and the rest periods short is the key!


10 Mins HIIT Wall Workout


Who knew there are so many exercise moves you can do with a wall. This routine also only takes 10 minutes and your heart will be racing!


20 Minutes Total Body HIIT


If you have a little bit more time, do this Total Body HIIT that takes about 20 minutes. Those mountain climbers will make you sweat buckets guaranteed.


20 Mins No Excuse Work Out


This plan also takes about 20 minutes. Make every minute count! Get those cardio in and let the calories burn!


Fantastic full-body circuit


This full body circuit is great for toning your legs, abs, and arms! Hello beach bod!


6 Moves Killer Workout


This work out will work your back, arms, abs, butt, legs, everything! The moves are challenging but the rewards are going to be so worth it. 


Try these workouts and see which combination you like. There are 7 plans so you could do one per day for every day of the week. Print out the ones you like best and keep them with you on your busy days or travels. Exercise is so important for good health. All you need is a couple minutes a day to break a sweat. Your body will thank you!





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