What to pack for the Philippines – Important Items You Need

by Viola
what to pack for the Philippines

Wondering what to pack for the Philippines? It’s important to think about the activities you will engage in before you start loading up that suitcase. More than likely, you will be doing a lot of water activities and spending time at the beach. That’s why most of us go to the Philippines right? To enjoy a tropical vacation! I just came back from traveling in Coron, a beautiful island paradise in Palawan. Admittedly, there were many items I shrugged off when I did my packing and regretted during the trip. Thankfully I had my aunt with me. She brought along several things that I initially thought were extra, but ended up saving our behinds. I guess aunties know best!

This list of essential items was birthed from our experience traveling in the Philippines. Don’t forget to grab your FREE printable at the end!

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Clothing (For Ladies)


Starting with an obvious, pack your favorite bikinis/one pieces! 2-3 options are recommended. It’s hot in the Philippines so you can easily hang dry one set while you still have a set to wear. While in Coron, we were pretty much in the water everyday so I was glad to have brought extra swimwear.



I have a love affair with sarong when in South East Asia. They are just so multifunctional. You can use it as a beach cover up, a blanket when it gets chilly. It can even turn into a bag with some tying skills!


During the day, you will often find yourself needing to change into your swimming attires and then back to your regular clothing, like when you are on an island hopping or canyoneering tour. An easy pull over or wrap dress is hassle-free for this purpose. And of course, who doesn’t love a pretty flowy dress for those ootd beach photos?


T-shirts/tank tops

Did I mention the Philippines is hot? When choosing tops to pack, make sure they are light, loose and breathable. Cotton t-shirt and tank tops are perfect.


Jean shorts

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It’s here! Thank you guys for all the love on my recent photos from the Philippines. Just published two travel guides for Coron on the blog. Yes a double whammy! Read my First Timer’s Guide for going to Coron in my link in bio. (You can find it under “Latest blog post”) Let me know what you think! Is this island paradise on your bucket list? • • • • • #sheisnotlost #itsmorefuninthephilippines #wearetravelgirls #choosephilippines #travelph #ladiesgoneglobal #the_ph #comeseeph #darlingescapes #femmetravel #philippines #girlslovetravel #sidewalkerdaily #thetravelwomen #globelletravels #visitphilippinesagain2016 #traversephilippines #dametraveler #girlsborntotravel #travelphilippines #ig_pilipinas #travelblogger #travelblog #traveltheworld #travelphoto #igtravel #travellife #travelbug #travelingram #femaletravelblogger

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Bring along a pair of classic jean shorts to pair with your tanks, bikini tops.



A pair of comfy sandals is a must as you will be walking a lot on bumpy and uneven dust roads. I always recommend Ipanema sandals as they are the best travel sandals I’ve ever found. Super comfy, easy to clean, and the design is simple yet stylish.


Aqua shoes

Something I read about before I travelled but didn’t think I needed them. We definitely needed them. There are many sharp rocks on the beaches and in the water when you travel to places like Palawan. Aqua shoes are life savers. They protect your feet and are very quick to dry. You can even swim with them so you don’t need to take them on and off. I thought they look kinda ugly so I didn’t want to buy them, but thanks to my persistent auntie we got them and my feet stayed injury free.


Sun wear products


Good sun care is SO important in the Philippines. Make sure to have a sunscreen with high SPF and reapply often!



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Back from the Philippines for a day and I am missing the warm sunshine on my face already. During my trip, I was blown away by the beauty that this country has to offer. The secluded islands and stunning beaches are some of the best that I’ve ever experienced. While in the Philippines, I chose to touch technology only minimally, so to fully enjoy the moments I was blessed to be in. Other than updating you guys through Instagram stories so you can follow along, I have not worked on the blog or any socials. It’s been a refreshing vaca. Will be catching up on sharing photos of the trip for the next couple of days. In the meantime, check my Philippines story highlights on my Instagram page @theblessingbucket to feel the real vibes of this gem in the east. • • • • • #travelph #choosephilippines #the_ph #pinoy #travelphilippines #wtnadventures #ig_pilipinas #ig_philippines #justbackfrom #passportexpress #beachlife #waves #paradise #island #beachday #coron #igtravel #traveltheworld #travelblogger #exploremore #travelling #traveler #travelstoke #wanderer #traveller #lonelyplanet #letsgosomewhere #traveladdict #travelawesome #instapassport

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I’ve preached for big hat before in my post 6 Essential Items for Cute Travel Photos, not only are sun hats photogenic, they are very necessary for protecting you from the harsh sun rays.


Sun glasses

The sun and white sand beach combo means brightness that will blind your eyes. DO NOT FORGET your sun glasses! 


Items to stay dry

Dry bag

Keep all your belongings safe in a proper dry bag. You don’t want to come back to the boat to find your things sitting ruined in a pile of water. Trust me (happened to someone on our boat).


Water proof cell phone case

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I recently read that many beautiful beaches in South East Asia are being shut down to recover from the effects of global warming and harm caused by tourists over time. Popular destinations like Maya Bay in Thailand and Boracay in the Philippines will be off limits to visitors this year as the country will try to protect the eco-systems and allow nature to heal. The islands have suffered from pollution from boats and beach hotels as well as crowds of tourists for way too long. The coral reefs have been trampled on and degraded by warmer seas. 😢**** Having just came back from the Philippines and witnessing its beauty, it makes me so sad to read this. I hate to imagine all the beautiful reefs and islands I visited suffering the safe fate. Tourism unfortunately doesn’t always have positive impacts on the places we visit. Global climate change and environment issues are getting more and more dire and we cannot be indifferent as children living on this planet. What can we do to be more responsible travelers? How can we travel more sustainably? It’s time for a discussion.🌊🌱

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Again, thank you auntie for buying us this! It was the only way we were able to take some of our photos during the trip. I could not have hauled my DSLR in to some of the stunning swimming holes we went to like the Twin Lagoon in Coron. Instead, we used a water proof cell phone case to take photos with my aunt’s Iphone X and the pictures turned out great. Highly recommend the case we got. You won’t be sorry.


Micro fiber towel

Don’t expect any island hopping tour groups to provide you with towels. You have to bring your own. A micro fiber towel is a quintessential travel item I have touted many times. It’s quick drying, lightweight and easy to bring around.





Consider forgoing make up in the Philippines, it’s so hot it will melt right off anyways. Stick with some tinted moisturizer and sun screen. You are good to go!


Body wipes

Hey there sweaty monkey! It’s easy to feel gross and yucky when it’s so humid. Keep yourself fresh with some body wipes.


Tissue paper

There are many circumstances where having a bag of tissue paper come in handy. For example, you’ll find that the toilet situations in the Philippines are often pretty bad. You get where I’m going with this…

Hand sanitizer

I am by no means a germophobe, but I was grateful for hand sanitizer while in the Philippines. One of my fears is getting sick on the road (it’s happened before while traveling in Bali), so I definitely suggest sanitizing often.


Travel insurance

On the subject of staying healthy and safe, the Philippines offer many adventurous and exciting activities from diving to waterfalls jumping. But with that comes with risks. Don’t leave home without travel insurance. My favorite company to use is World Nomad. I love this program for its flexibility and simplicity. The coverage is very comprehensive and process to making claims is very easy and smooth! The fact that they have 24/7 emergency assistance really gives you a peace of mind.

Get a quick quote here



World Nomad Travel Insurance is trusted by the best:


Photography Gears

DSLR Camera

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I call myself a sunset chaser and I have several unforgettable sunsets in my memories. The golden hour on Mount Tapya in Coron town Palawan is now one of my top 3 🌅 The colors of the sky along with the view of the ocean and mountains below were absolutely stunning. A photographer's dream! • • • • • #traveltheworld #travelblog #traveller #traveler #travelling #travelblogger #travelpics #travelingram #traveladdict #travelphoto #travelbug #skyporn #lonelyplanet #mytravelgram #travelstoke #instapassport #traveldeeper #travelawesome #sunsetlovers #globetrotter #pinoy #sunsets #traversephilippines #philippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #choosephilippines #travelph #travelphilippines #palawan #coron

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Do you consider photography gears essential when traveling? Well I guess for a lot of us bloggers, we do! If you don’t have a good camera yet, maybe it’s time to invest in one for the Philippines. The drop dead gorgeous sceneries deserve to be captured in their truest beauty. I have used my Canon camera for years and it’s what I used for most of my Philippines shots you see on my Instagram.


Iphone X

For those who is determined to stick with phone photography, I have to bring up Iphone X. My aunt brought her new Iphone X to the Philippines and I was able to witness its glorious photo quality. Sometimes, I even preferred her shots over my DSLR! That’s how powerful it is. I am absolutely getting myself one of these babies this year (saving up slowly).


Go pro Hero 6

Two words: Underwater photography. In Palawan, we visited some of the most beautiful coral reefs and cool ship wrecks. I even saw a huge sea turtle one day! But we didn’t have underwater cameras to capture the moment and I was so sad. We rented a Go Pro for the last couple days and were able to get some cool shots. You better bet I will be investing in my own one next time!


DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI is the best drone maker out there. I brought my DJI Mavic Pro to Coron and had a lot of fun getting video footage on the islands. The aerial view of the water is just incredible. You can see different shades of blue rings surround the beaches and the mountains. Ugh I can’t even describe the epic-ness! 



Snorkeling masks

If you are planning to snorkel in the Philippines (which you should), buy your own snorkel mask. You can rent from tour companies but the ones you get can sometimes be old and chewed up. It’s not fun to have sea water leaking into your mask. The cost of renting also adds up.



For gathering more ideas on what to do in the Philippines, get a good old guidebook like this one by Lonely Planet


What to pack for the Philippines Printable

I hope this post has successfully answered what to pack for the Philippines. I’ve put together a free printable for you so make sure to get your instant download! By signing up, you will also receive the TBB newsletter where I share monthly travel tips, new itineraries, and exclusive goodies like free printables.

what to pack for the philippines

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Looking for more tropical packing tips? Check out The Minimalist Packing Guide to Bali.


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Read up on the best advice: Love a good old fashion guide book. Suggested reading: Lonely Planet: Philippines Travel Guide

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Until next time!





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Gotta say I admire your sense of style and IG skills! Although I love the look of Ipanema sandals, the cut just isn’t right for my broad feet and long toes 🙁

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I totally agree with Brooke, your IG photos are superb! :O

nicky May 13, 2018 - 5:54 am

Wow super helpful – i think this guide pretty much works for all beach destinations. Its so funny how much you take on your first around the world trip and you realise you really only need half that stuff!

Amanda May 13, 2018 - 11:22 am

Such a helpful guide! Gotta agree with Brooke though, can’t do Ipanema sandals!

Richa May 15, 2018 - 3:03 am

I’ve been really wanting to go to the Philippines seeing so many great photos lately. And your photos got me drooling 🙂


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