Where to eat in Coron Philippines

by Viola
Where to eat in Coron

I promised to deliver everything you need to know while traveling in Coron, so I can’t wrap up the guides without providing some information on where to eat in Coron. I don’t know about you, but food is a quintessential part of my travel experience! Here you’ll find a list of restaurants that my aunt and I have personally tried and approved during our week of exploration on this Palawan island. Let’s get you a mango shake! Here we go!


Lobster King

As expected, seafood makes up a large part of people’s diet in Coron. We loved Lobster King, the first restaurant we dined at during our trip. I read raving reviews about it online before our visit. It surely lived up to its name! The sizzling grilled lobsters were delicious. All hail the king! The price was also very cheap. Along with garlic butter shrimp, a clam soup, a veggie dish and two mango shakes, our bill came out to 1,134 php ($22 USD).


The restaurant does not look particularly special from the outside. The facade is quite old. I don’t think we would have ever walked in if we didn’t come on someone’s recommendation. The service was a bit slow. It took quite a while for the waitress to greet and seat us when we entered. However, the taste was a pleasant surprise that made up for everything.


Kawanayan Grill

This was our most frequented restaurant during our time in Coron. I adored the atmosphere of the outside seating area. The wind chimes and straw hut decors give such an island vibe. Kawanayan Grill also has the BEST MANGO SHAKE. Trust me, I always ordered mango shake at every restaurant we visited. Theirs is for sure #1. The staff here are super smiley, and the location is conveniently located. The K-Tour office (where we booked all our Coron activities) is connected to K-Grill. What more could I have asked for!

I recommend getting the dinner set for two, which includes an appetizer, soup, fish steak/mixed seafood, prawns, seaweed salad and rice. It’s only 650 PHP and if you have more people in your party, just add one or two dishes.

The seafood platter is also 650 PHP and beautifully presented. 


Coron Villa’s Wild Fern

Coron Villa is one of the hotels I suggested in my First Timer’s Coron Guide. Even if you are not staying as a guest, you should visit the hotel’s restaurant, Wild Fern. The outside décor features tons of green plants which is something I am a sucker for. Inside, the Bob Marley music and prints on the wall also add to the laid back feel.

In terms of food, we like the Bulalo (Filipino beef marrow stew) and Squid a la Pobre (fresh squid sautéed in garlic).



Ding Ding Restaurant

Since we are Chinese, my aunt and I decided to visit the Chinese restaurant in Coron to see how good it is. It turns out, the restaurant was a bit far from the centre of town, so we got there by tricycle. The restaurant is quite huge. We got a cucumber salad, radish pork stew, and spicy fried crab. The first two were honesty so-so, but the spicy crab was really good. The owner chose the fresh crab for us from the tank and it was really meaty!

Conclusion: I don’t think Ding Ding is worth getting out of your way to visit. But if you happen to be in the area and feel like some Chinese food, check it out and definitely get the crab!


Big Mama’s Pinoy Hot Pot and Grill

The beef marrow soup of Big Mamas is neck and neck with Wild Fern for flavorful-ness. Out of the things we ordered, the soup was my favourite. We also liked the squid adobo, bbq pork and garlic kang kong. Kang kong is a green veggie dish that became our veggie dish of the choice while in the Philippines. We always made sure we got our daily fibre in to stay healthy on the road.Note: many dishes at Big Mama’s comes with rice already so you don’t need to order rice separately.




Winnie’s seemed to be popular with foreigners so we went in to check it out. The menu definitely had some diverse choices. We got the crab meat curry, shrimp fried rice, samosas, and spicy kang kong. I wanted to order a mango shake as per usual but to my surprise, they had every fruit but mango. We opted for an avocado shake and a banana shake. They turned out to be delicious. If we had more time in Coron, we totally would have visited Winnie’s again.


Pange’t Floating Restaurant

We visited this restaurant as a part of our firefly watching night tour, one of several tours we loved in Coron. The restaurant had the most incredible setting as a cute hut over the water. You can only get here by boat. We enjoyed the buffet dinner under the candle light, while listening to live performers singing and playing the guitar. The vibe was super relaxed and romantic. Absolutely a can’t miss spot, especially if you are traveling as a couple.


Where to eat in Coron – Extra tips

Now you know where to eat in Coron, there are a couple more things to keep in mind.

  1. Most restaurants and cafes close after 2 pm and re-open at 6 pm. If you are in town looking for grubs in the afternoon, you will run in to limited options.
  2. Bring cash as not all places take credit cards.
  3. Most tricycle drivers are very knowledgeable of the restaurants in town so you can just tell them the name and they will most likely know where the restaurant is.
  4. There is no need to tip! Woot!

Do you have more suggestions on where to eat in Coron? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure to check out the other related guide like what to pack for the Philippines.

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Christie May 17, 2018 - 12:09 am

I would love to visit the Philippines! All of the food there looks incredible! The atmosphere of Pange’t sounds so nice and it’s so cool you get to it by boat!

Sarah - Borders & Bucket Lists May 17, 2018 - 12:59 am

Wow all of these places look so tasty! Coron Villa’s Wild Fern definitely caught my eye! Love that atmosphere!

valerie May 17, 2018 - 2:50 am

All this food look so mouth watering and I am so dying to visit the Philippines, thanks for sharing your amazing journey!


Nafisa Habib May 17, 2018 - 4:56 am

Cool tips to check out some restaurants for having the tasty food in the Philippines. I’d love to taste some sea food if happen to be there someday. All food looks too yummy!

Amy @ Family Globetrotters May 18, 2018 - 1:22 am

I really shouldn’t have read this post before lunch…. now I’m starving! LOL! Great selection of food and whilst I’m not so familiar with Filipino food, it looks like a cuisine I’d enjoy. That whole crab looks so yummy!

Weekend Haven May 18, 2018 - 1:57 am

Looks appetizing! I’ve only been to El Nido, and dying to get to Coron before the summer ends. I’m craving for some seafood now. Good job on listing them here.

Michelle May 18, 2018 - 2:23 am

Since I work all day in an office that has no windows (I know it is depressing) Any chance I can get, I want to sit outside. And omg I would have gone over and over to Kawanayan Grill. Love how it looks. I am getting good vibes from this! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley May 18, 2018 - 3:19 am

Never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry…never read a food blog post while you’re hungry…These restaurants and food pics are making me want to visit now! While I loved your pics and recommendations, your extra tips were super helpful too!

Teja May 18, 2018 - 10:03 am

Those are really handy tips! I mean, wouldn’t really wanna be caught without lunch just for being a bit late (and I’m known to procrastinate lunch!)

Sarah Lolla October 27, 2018 - 8:03 am

This is informational…but why wouldn’t you tip citizens that showed you kindness and hospitality?

Viola October 28, 2018 - 1:57 pm

You are free to tip them. It’s just not a requirement unlike in North America or Europe 🙂

Kyle December 11, 2019 - 12:21 pm

Currently at Kawayanan Grill and am sad to say the mango shake I am drinking is not great. Certainly on the lower half of all the mango shakes I have had over the last three months traveling Southeast Asia. Hopefully the food will be better.

Viola December 15, 2019 - 2:31 pm

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. Maybe they’ve changed since I’ve been there last year 🙁 Hope the food was better!


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