Top 6 Ways to Elevate Yoga with Resistance Bands

by Viola
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In case you haven’t tried them yet, resistance bands are incredibly versatile and can help you get even more juice out of your daily exercises. In this article, you will find 6 excellent ways to elevate yoga with resistance bands.

Using resistance bands as part of resistance training can scale up any move’s difficulty by adding tension. You have to work against the band’s tension while in your yoga poses, so it’s like getting double the workout in the same moves. Plus, while you are focusing on the band’s tension, you are also adding a mindful element to your practice as your mind needs to concentrate on holding the correct form of each move. Yoga poses can become automatic when you’ve done them for a while, so resistance bands will allow you to add some fun and extra engagement to your practice!

Resistance bands are also easy to take with you, so you can pop them in your gym or travel bag and do some powerful yoga wherever you are.


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1.  Downward Facing Dog 

This pose is great for stretching your hamstrings.

  • While in downward facing dog, you can wrap a medium-sized band around your ankles and work against the band to move your feet slightly wider than hip-distance.
  • Then gently pulse one leg out behind you to work that hamstring.
  • Do reps as needed, then do the same with the other leg.



2. Dead Bug

This exercise works your core and legs together.

  • Get yourself into the dead bug pose with the resistance band around the middle of your feet.
  • Now keep your arms up while you slowly straighten first one leg, and then bring that leg in and straighten the other leg. You are working your core and your hamstrings, as well as your glutes.
  • You can then put the resistance band just above your wrists and do gentle pulses with your arms, opening and then closing them.

Banded arm pulses build upper body strength.

Note: You can also do arm pulses while seated if you wish. Just make sure you are sitting up straight with your shoulders back, and pelvis tucked in.



3. Bridge Pose

  • Wrap a band above your knees and get into bridge pose.
  • Now pulse your legs outward when you have raised your hips.

You should feel your lower body working.


4. Warrior poses

Warrior 2

The Warrior series is great as you can do them wherever you are. No contact with the floor needed. Take advantage of Warrior 2 to work your arms at the same time.

  • Get into a Warrior 2 pose and wrap a resistance band underneath your back foot.
  • Use a long resistance band like this one from Victorem, and hold the end in your hand.
  • Pull up on the band until your back elbow is at a right angle, and hold in this top position.
  • Return to your starting position and pull up again.
  • Do reps as you like, then switch sides.

You can also work the arms and chest in Warrior 2 by holding opposite ends of a long resistance band in each hand and simply pulling. Ensure there is sufficient tension in the band so that you feel challenged while maintaining the correct position.


Warrior 1

  • In a Warrior 1 pose, you can wrap a medium-sized band (like a hip circle band) around your wrists.
  • Pull against the band when your arms are above your head with gentle pulses.

This pose works your upper body nicely as you are working your quads and glutes in the pose.


Warrior 3

  • In Warrior 3, you can put a longer band (a pull-up band) under the middle of the foot that is on the ground.
  • Hold the other end in both hands as you lean forward into the pose.

You will need to work harder to maintain balance while using the band. This exercise is excellent for improving your posture as well as your balance.



5. Half-Moon Pose

This version of half-moon also requires a longer resistance band. By adding a resistance band to your half-moon pose, you will be working harder to keep your balance.

  • Wrap the band underneath the foot that is on the ground, and hold the other end in the hand that is reaching up towards the sky or ceiling.
  • Hold as long as you can, then repeat on the other side.


6. Chair Pose

Chair pose requires spinal and back strength.

  • Stand on a long resistance band and hold the ends in your hands as you come up and into chair pose.
  • You should find it easier to stack your shoulders over your hips, as your arms are working harder to maintain the pose.


You now have six different ways to do yoga with resistance bands. Resistance bands are so easy to carry around for travelers and I highly recommend it. Also, check out this article for more tips on staying healthy while traveling.


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